What Is Get Smashed Radio?

Our Community – Here is information about the community we serve.

Our Broadcast Range – This is where you can find out where to hear our FM broadcast

What exactly is Part 15? – Information regarding CFR 46, Part 15.

About Get Smashed Radio – Everything you ever wanted to know about Radio 1, & 87.9 FM.

The History of Get Smashed Radio – The history of how Get Smashed Radio came to be and the early days!

Our Mission Statement at Get Smashed Radio.

We LOVE PSA’s (Public Service Announcements), here is our policy about PSA’s.

We are Licensed in the US and Canada to broadcast music. Here you can find out a little more about our license and why we have to license.

Here is our Legal Statement about who we are and what we do.

Community Radio / Microbroadcasting – Find out what microbroadcasting is and how Get Smashed Radio is legal to broadcast as a community radio station.

I want to be a Presenter on Get Smashed Radio.

Contests – These are our contest rules.

Contact Us – How to contact us.

Our Terms of Use for Get Smashed Radio.

Our Privacy policy.

Syndication opportunities.

LPFM & FCC – Get involved, make Radio available for everyone.

Time Zones Explained – All times posted are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). So to help you figure out how that may translate to your local time, we have broke down some time zones for you.

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