Here at Get Smashed Radio, we are proud to be part of radio syndication.

The world of traditional Radio, that is terrestrial radio, is going through huge changes allowing for opportunities to nationally syndicate your show. As more and more younger people are abandoning FM radio for their smartphone apps and Internet Radio many FM stations are doing all they can to keep up with internet Radio.  Broadcasting has already changed, and will continue to become more of a narrowcasting service and, thus, more programming will be needed.

Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network is excited to begin broadcasting quality syndicated, typically terrestrial radio, programs to its listeners. We are always looking to better our listeners experience and have found that syndicated radio programs provide a quality radio experience with variety. We do syndication on a “Barter” basis only right now. What does “Barter” mean? Barter means distributors get a fraction of the advertisement revenue in exchange for their program. For example, in a 7/5 deal the producer gets seven minutes of advertising time, leaving five minutes for the station to insert local as well as national advertisements. The station does not pay for the show.

A few of our first syndicated shows are Floydian Slip, The Pink Floyd Experience with Craig Bailey , The Rocking Comedy Show, The Electric Radio Show, Hair Metal Mansion, and The Greatest Hits of Music with James Ross bringing great radio programming to our Saturday evening & Sunday lineups.

We are always interested in new show opportunities in all Genres. If you are interested in being a part of our syndication programs, please email LD Rizzo at to find out if your show idea is a fit for our stations.

We will soon have our own syndicated shows and ideas. Stay tuned for more.