All times posted on the Get Smashed Radio websites are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). So to help you figure out how that may translate to your local time, we have broke down some time zones for you.

If the time listed is 12:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time):

(US / Canadian Time Zones)

Hawaii-Aleutian Time – 10:00am

Alaska Time – 11:00am

Mountain Time – 1:00pm

Central Time – 2:00pm

Eastern Time – 3:00pm

Atlantic Time – 4:00pm

Newfoundland Time – 4:30pm

(European Time Zones)

Western European Time – 8:00pm

British Time / GMT – 8:00pm / 20:00

Central European Time – 9:00pm

Eastern European Time – 10:00pm

Belarus Time – 11:00pm

Moscow Time – 12:00am

(African Time Zones)

Greenwich Mean Time – 8:00pm

West Africa Time – 9:00pm

Central Africa Time – 10:00pm

East Africa Time – 11:00pm

(Australia Time Zone)

Western Australian Time – 4:00am

Central Australian Time – 5:30am

Eastern Australian Time – 6:00am

New Zealand – 8:00am

(Middle East Time Zones)

Turkey – 9:00pm

Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Jordan & Israel – 10:00pm

Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Bahrain – 11:00pm

Iran – 11:30pm

UAE & Oman – 12:00am

(Asia Time Zones)

Afghanistan – 12:30am

Pakistan – 1:00am

India – 1:30am

Kazakhstan – 2:00am

Myanmar – 2:30am

Thailand – 3:00am

China – 4:00am

Japan/Korea – 5:00am

Indonesia – 5:00am

Papua New Guinea – 6:00am

(Mexico Time Zones)

Baja California North/Pacific Time – 12:00pm

Baha California South, Western Mexico/Mountain Time – 1:00pm

Central/Eastern Mexico/Central Time – 2:00pm

(South America Time Zones)

Central America – 2:00pm

Panama, Columbia, Equador & Peru – 3:00pm

Venezuela – 3:30pm

Guyana, Western Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia & Chile – 4:00pm

Falkland Islands – 4:00pm

Suriname, Guiana, Eastern Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina – 5:00pm


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