About Get Smashed Radio:

Get Smashed Radio or Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network, LLC is a Radio Station providing several different genres of music to reach a wide variety of listeners.

Radio 1 is our flagship station, and Continuous Hit Music. Playing a mix of hits from Disco to Pop. (Adult AC)

Why Internet Radio?

Internet radio holds a clear sponsorship/underwriting advantages. Listeners are only one click away from your web site! Our audience is online and has browser windows open, driving traffic directly to your site. Our web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers. Their above average levels of purchase intentions makes them an ideal demographic for any organization.

Why Advertise With Us?

Get Smashed Radio offers sponsors/underwriters complete control over the type of ad that is used, as well as creative over site of on-air ads. We can work with you to produce a unique ad or you can use one that your company has already created.

With Get Smashed Radio, your company gets exposure to listeners on the iTunes Radio network, Tune In Radio network and the StreamItAll smart phone application among other platforms.

You’ll have name and logo recognition at any live events and/or remotes to help you gain publicity and grow your brand.

Your message will be able to reach thousands of households around the world per month.

Benefits of Advertising With Us!

There are no long term contracts, allowing you the flexibility to change your content and release timely messages.

We will work with you to develop a plan that fits within your monthly budget.

Our Shows On Radio One!


All of these shows offer remote broadcast sponsorship/underwriting opportunities in the form of Audio – Personality Appearance, Audio – Live Broadcast, Video – Highlight Package and Video – Live Stream. (Available in Northwest Washington & Dallas Only!)

Ask us about pricing information to take advantage of this unique sponsorship opportunity!

Or ask us how to become an Underwriter for your favorite show or the network!