The most effective way to create an on-air presence, underwriting enables your organization to reach Get Smashed Radio listeners and GetSmashedRadio.com visitors regularly.

Your 15-second message airs on Radio 1 and all its full-time simulcasts, including online, broadcast and on demand.

It may include information about your company’s products or services and may include a web address, street address or phone number. Schedule length and number of announcements reflect level of financial commitment and placement of the messages.

Run of schedule placement is Monday-Sunday 12am-12 midnight. Narrowed times of day and even specific programs may be requested at a premium. Underwriters support Get Smashed Radio with annual contributions of $1,000 to $300,000 or more.

All schedules are subject to availability. Please contact our Underwriting Department (info@getsmashedradio.com) at Get Smashed Radio for more information.