Are you a Bedroom Producer?

Are you into making dance music?  Do you spend your weekends over the decks or tweaking your samples in Logic?  If you’ve got great original dance music that you made yourself, than you could get it played on Radio 1.

If you’re an unsigned producer, dance act, or bedroom DJ, send LD your track on CD or MP3.  Either email an MP3 (which must be less than 10MB) to, or put the track on a CD and send it to:

LD Rizzo – Bedroom Producers

Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network, LLC

5107 133rd Pl NE

Marysville, Washington  USA 98125. 

Items will not be returned! LINKS to music will be considered if using SoundCloud or similar services that allow preview before downloading. 

Please remember to tell us your name, email address and phone number so we can get in touch with you before we play your track. We’ll try to listen to as many as possible, but we can’t guarantee it because we might receive quite a lot.

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