LD Rizzo / Co-Owner / President / Program Director

LD Rizzo shows

ROLES: Network Co-Owner, President, Program Director, and of course DJ & Presenter.

ALSO KNOWN AS: DJ LD, DJ Rizzo, Rizzo, LD, Larry Grant

GRADUATE: Radio Record Film Connection – Radio Connection 2019

YEARS ACTIVE: 1992 – Present

AWARDS/NOMINATIONS: 1998 –  #8 DJ in DFW, Dallas Observer Awards ; 2013 – Nominee (Top 5) DJ Of The Year, Michiana’s Hottest Artist Awards.

CITIES PLAYED IN: Athens, Gr., Rome, It., Venice, It., Florence, It., Messina, It., Naploi, It., Dubrovnik, Cr., Barcelona, Sp., Paris, Fr., Amsterdam, Nl., Cardiff, UK., Bristol, UK., London, UK., Manchester, UK., Plymouth, UK., Liverpool, UK., Berlin, Ge., New York City, NY, Dallas, Tx, Las Vegas, NV, South Bend, IN, Chicago, IL, Miami, FL, Charleston, SC, New Haven, CT, Houston, Tx

PROFILE: Versatility, creativity, and flexibility behind the decks are key words describing the talents of DJ LD Rizzo.

Best known internationally for high-energy house and Top 40 dance sounds, DJ LD has been perfecting his programming skills (since the age of 13!) over a wide variety of musical styles, venues, and audiences.

He is gifted with a unique ability to blend new flavors with familiar sounds, creating a vibe that’s addictive to audiences and solidifying his role as music industry taste-maker and fan favourite.

From London to Barcelona, Athens to Berlin, Las Vegas to New York, DJ LD has performed at some of the best venues and festivals around the world.


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