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Program Director (Radio 1), Presenter, Show Creator (Technical Difficulties), original cast member of the LD & Mike Show and original member of GSRB.

Craig Bailey has worked on-the-air since 1985 and has produced and hosted “Floydian Slip” for nearly as long. With more than 1,100 episodes under his belt, he’s recognized as a de facto expert on Pink Floyd. He and his show have received attention in — or acted as a resource for — media as diverse as Billboard, VH1, […]

Jack Hammer and Andre Kane have worked together from 2000 to 2010 in morning radio and behind the scenes in radio and TV in New York.From 2014 to current the Duo slowly started syndicating across the US, Europe & Canada.Now The Electric Radio Show is airing in Seattle,Cincinatti & Indianapolis among many other markets. ​Working for various radio stations the team […]

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Syndicated Presenter, Show Creator (Hard Rock Nights).

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