Hard Rock Nights

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Saturday’s on Radio Z 20:00 22:00
Thursday’s on The Deuce 00:00 02:00

Hosted by Brian Basher

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Leading the charge for real rock n’ roll, Hard Rock Nights has been carrying the flag and preaching the gospel of rock all over the world for over 10 years!

Take classic hard rock of the 70’s and 80’s, mix it with new music from those genre defining bands and throw in a few up and coming acts that share the classic rock spirit and you get Hard Rock Nights!

When it comes to rock n’ roll, host Brian Basher scratches all the right itches!

BANDS: Music submissions for this show can be sent to brian_basher@hardrocknights.com. Note: Files must be properly tagged (IDv3) MP3s (256 kbps min.) or uncompressed WAV. If files do not meet these standards, they will not be used on the show.

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