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Presented by Jack Hammer, Sacred Owl & Dee-Lite

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​ERS is a syndicated radio show on FM & AM affiliate radio stations all over the country and even the world. The industry pioneers & leaders of today's media. Implementing digital and internet radio, terrestrial FM & AM radio, as well as podcasting. The Electric Radio Show is on the cutting edge of the new industry standard. This is where it all starts. The show can also be found on many internet radio stations and apps, as well as other digital radio, websites and platforms globally. The Electric Radio Show is the leader in the digital radio revolution.

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The Electric Radio Show crew


Jack Hammer is a radio veteran with over 30 years of broadcast experience both on-air and behind the scenes. He's a combination of Dr. Johnny Fever, Hawkeye Pierce, Johnny Knoxville and Hank Moody on Californication. He has a knack for putting the right team together to complement his crazy antics....


Dee-Lite is more than just the girl in the room with the guys. She started out with the show doing social media in 2015 and was totally microphone-shy. That all changed in 2016 when Jack pretty much told her she was going on the air whether she wanted to or not...



Reverend Jose A. Quinones Jr.(Order of Melchezedek) a.k.a. Sacred Owl of the Thunder Qlan, is well known throughout New York City and abroad for his brilliant psychic/empathic gifts using many forms of divination but specializing in auric and energy readings and using many forms of divination tools that are called for the right answers.  As a one-on-one reader, seminar spokesman, and psychic...

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