Our community is vast. We serve the Western Slope of Colorado and the Eastern part of Utah. At times, our signal may be heard as far as the Colorado/Utah/Wyoming border north and as far south as Montrose, Colorado.

To better serve our community, we are offering 10 hours of air time FREE to our local community.

Community Air Time is slotted from 12am until 5am, Monday & Sunday’s.

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Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction¬†is a¬†home rule municipality¬†that is the¬†county seat¬†and the¬†most populous municipality¬†of¬†Mesa County,¬†Colorado, United States. The city has a¬†council‚Äďmanager¬†form of government, and is the most populous municipality in all of¬†western Colorado.¬†Grand Junction is 247 miles (398¬†km) west-southwest of the¬†Colorado State Capitol¬†in¬†Denver. As of the¬†2010 census, the city’s population was 208,566.¬†Grand Junction is the¬†5th most populous city¬†in the¬†state of Colorado¬†and the most populous city on the¬†Colorado Western Slope. It is a major commercial and transportation hub within the large area between the¬†Green River¬†and the¬†Continental Divide. It is the principal city of the¬†Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had a population of 146,723 in¬†2010 census.

The city is along the¬†Colorado River, at its confluence with the¬†Gunnison River, which comes in from the south. “Grand” refers to the historical Grand River; it was renamed the Upper Colorado River in 1921. “Junction” refers to the confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers. Grand Junction has been nicknamed “River City”. It is near the midpoint of a 30-mile (48¬†km) arcing valley, known as the¬†Grand Valley; since the late 19th century it has been a major¬†fruit-growing region. The valley was long occupied by the¬†Ute people¬†and earlier indigenous cultures. It was not settled by European-American farmers until the 1880s. Since the late 20th century, several¬†wineries¬†have been established in the area.

The Colorado National Monument, a unique series of canyons and mesas, overlooks the city on the west. Most of the area is surrounded by federal public lands managed by the US Bureau of Land Management. Interstate 70 connects the city eastward to Glenwood Springs and Denver and westward to Green River, Utah; Salt Lake City is reached to the west via Interstate 70 and U.S Route 6; and Las Vegas (via Interstate 70 and Interstate 15).

Fruita, Colorado

Fruita¬†/ňąfruňźt…ô/¬†is a¬†Home Rule Municipality¬†located in western¬†Mesa County,¬†Colorado, United States. Fruita is part of the¬†Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area¬†and within the¬†Grand Valley. The geography is identified by the bordering¬†Colorado River¬†(historically known as the¬†Grand River) on the southern edge of town, the¬†Uncompahgre Plateau¬†known for its¬†pinyon-juniper¬†landscape, and the¬†Book Cliffs range on the northern edge of the Grand Valley. The population was 12,646 at the 2010 census.¬†Originally home to the¬†Ute people, white farmers settled the town after founder William Pabor in 1884. Ten years later, Fruita was incorporated.

Economically, it started out as a fruit-producing region, but today it is well known for its outdoor sports such as¬†mountain biking,¬†hiking, and¬†rafting, its proximity to the¬†Colorado National Monument, and its annual festivals. Fruita has been the winner of the Governor’s Smart Growth and Development Award for four consecutive years. The city motto is “Honor the Past, Envision the Future”.

Mesa County, Colorado

Mesa County is a county located in the U.S. state of Colorado. As of the 2010 census, the population was 146,723. The county seat is Grand Junction. The county was named for the many large mesas in the area, including Grand Mesa.

Mesa County comprises the Grand Junction, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 2011 it ranked as the 269th most populous metropolitan area in the United States. It is the only metropolitan area in Colorado not located on the Front Range of Colorado.

Garfield County, Colorado

Garfield County is a county located in the U.S. state of Colorado. As of the 2010 census, the population was 56,389. The county seat is Glenwood Springs. The county is named in honor of United States President James A. Garfield. Garfield County is included in the Glenwood Springs, CO Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Edwards-Glenwood Springs, CO Combined Statistical Area.

Grand County, Utah

Grand County is a county on the east central edge of Utah, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 9,225. Its county seat and largest city is Moab.

Uintah County, Utah

Uintah County¬†(/juňźňą…™nt…ô/¬†yoo-IN-t…ô) is a¬†county¬†in the¬†U.S. state¬†of¬†Utah. As of the¬†2010 United States Census the population was 32,588.¬†Its¬†county seat¬†and largest city is¬†Vernal.¬†The county was named for the portion of the¬†Ute¬†Indian¬†tribe that lived in the basin.

Uintah County is the largest natural gas producer in Utah, with 272 billion cubic feet produced in 2008.

The Vernal, UT Micropolitan Statistical Area includes all of Uintah County.

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