Our History

1998 – 2001

Welcome to the beginning of our internet radio journey!

The original Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network was:

LD Rizzo – Co Owner

Mike Permenter – Co Creator

Dann Smith – Co Creator

Iceberg – Co Owner

Susan St. Michael – Co Creator

Christian – Co Creator

Jamie Griffin – LD’s “Radio” Wife / Co Creator

Liz Smith – Dann’s “Real” Wife (At the time)

September 6, 1998: LD, Mike, Dann, Susan, Christian & Iceberg launched www.gsrbnetwork.com with The LD & Mike Show. The LD & Mike Show’s first broadcast was recorded on that Sunday afternoon from JT MCCords Sports Bar, in North Richland Hills, Texas as a Sports Talk show. On this our inaugural show, we discussed everything sport related with fun and humor.¬†After the inaugural show, we moved our recording location from JT McCords in NRH to Moose & Vinny’s in Arlington, TX. This would remain our main recording location for the first year and a half.¬†Discussing the world of Sport was only part of what we did on those first shows. We inevitably transitioned from a sports talk show to just a talk show. However we kept sports as a big part of the first 6 months of broadcasts.¬†Included in some of these first shows we got our first sponsor, Clone Your Bone & Match Your Snatch! Yes folks, it was exactly like it reads, it was a kit where you could make a wax mold of your “junk”. They sent us a free kit and we dedicated one LD & Mike Show to testing it out. Dann was our guinea pig. Live on the show, Dann made a wax casting of his junk.¬†We survived Y2K. yeah it was a thing back then. We talked about how we all freaked out for no reason. We went on location as a group to Six Flags Over Texas and took our recording equipment with us. We recorded ourselves on the rides and between the rides.¬†LD & Mike got press access to the Alliance Airport Airshow in the fall of 2000. LD & Mike recorded different aspects of the airshow with a sports like “play by play” of the action. They also reported on the show aircraft parked in the hanger access area that was only open to the press.¬†Also, we had a few special guests. Vince Vance & The Valiants were among one of our favorites. We were honored to record them live from Texas Stadium during a January Pregame show which we played parts on the LD & Mike Show, but also ran the entire show on our spin off artist spotlight show Lyric Lounge.¬†One of our favorite guest from Vince Vance was Brandi Evans McComb (Victoria Valiant) who made several guest spots on the LD & Mike Show.

There were several spin off shows from The LD & Mike Show:

The Karaoke PitStop hosted by Susan St. Michaels was one of the biggest and most successful.

What started out as a weekly recorded segment of some the best Karaoke singers throughout different karaoke shows in DFW on the LD & Mike Show, became it’s own culture and show . Eventually it’s own website and company after the Get Smashed Radio split. Susan kept it running for a number of years after GSRB, even hosting an awards show. LD Rizzo was asked to be a guest Presenter at the first ever awards show which was hosted at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas.

One of our other successful spin offs was Lyric Lounge. We broadcast live shows from some of the local talent in the DFW area. Vince Vance was one we revisited a couple times, but one of our other favorites was Frognot who were personal friends of the gang.

LD spun off a couple different music shows. The first of these was Club Radio Live. LD recorded his DJ shows every week and rebroadcast them. Club Radio Live became Dance Party 2000 soon after the rollover from 1999 to 2000. Unfortunately, due to a change in LD’s schedule, Dance Party 2000 was cancelled. However LD did start his newest music show, Rock Edge 2000, which was also one of the longest shows on Get Smashed Radio. It changed names a couple times later in history, more about that later. Rock Edge 2000 was an Alternative Rock show. LD played the days hottest Alternative Rock hits.

Mike & Dann had a spin off called Forsaken Round Table. A forum for computer related stuff.

Dann had his show called Dann’s Big Show which was all about Dann! His view on the world and the things and people around him.

And Iceberg had his show called Renegade Radio. Playing hard Rock and Classic rock. Renegade Radio ended up it’s own radio network until 2007, after Get Smashed Radio split up.

Get Smashed Radio was innovative and ahead of the changes to the radio industry in regard to royalties. We were one of the original pioneer stations to license through Broadcast Music, Inc.’s (BMI) Digital Licensing Center. BMI Article 12/2000BMI Article 04/07.

Some other notable people who helped Get Smashed Radio throughout the first years. Kelly, who helped Susan with karaoke PitStop & Chris who guest hosted on the LD & Mike Show a few times.

Get Smashed Radio went on broadcasting shows until early Summer 2001, when the gang decided to split the network up and go separate directions to work on different projects. This may of been the end of the original Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network, however it wasn’t the end of the network as a whole.

2001 – 2004

So now we have entered into the first part of the middle years of the Get Smashed Radio broadcast story. Circa 2001, Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network was exclusively LD Rizzo. LD & Get Smashed Radio moved to Watertown, NY. During 2001 -2004, LD did a weekly show off and on. Get Smashed Radio stayed with an Alternative Rock format during this period. The talk shows were gone, except when LD was able to get on live.

This format went on until the fall of 2004. LD was on the move again. Get Smashed Radio went off the air officially on 1 October, 2004. LD took off to South Carolina and except for the website, Get Smashed Radio faded from the interwebs.

2005 – 2010

Now we are on to the 2nd part of the middle years of Get Smashed Radio.

Summer 2005, Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network was LD Rizzo, Big John & Sopapillos (Big Johns Wife). 2005 brought a new relaunch of Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network. With a new logo, LD was reconnected with an old friend from his Dallas Karaoke days, Big John. Big John had taken part in a couple of Radio shows with LD before. The previous radio show was recorded in Dallas and broadcast once a month on WFRB in Frostburg, MD.

So LD & Big John got together and Relaunched Get Smashed Radio with the 4 hour talk show “The LD & John Show”. The LD & John Show would be the first talk show to ever broadcast LIVE on the network. The previous shows, including the LD & Mike Show were not run LIVE. The shows of the original Get Smashed Radio were before the time that streaming media was so easily accessible as a broadcast which wasn’t bankrolled by a big corporate radio station.

The LD & John Show was unique in the fact that LD & John were not in the studio together. In fact LD was in South Carolina & John was in Indiana. They used SKYPE as the main broadcast median to be able to do a LIVE show together but be hundreds of miles apart. Other radio stations, including terrestrial stations hadn’t yet used this median, so the LD & John Show was revolutionary!

The LD & John show followed the tradition of the original Get Smashed Radio talk show. Fun and humor were always on tap with the guys, and Johns wife was always down to help us have fun. While the new Get Smashed Radio got back on the map, broadcasting a 24/7 LIVE Stream, LD brought onboard more talent to help broaden the listener base.

DJ T-Man & DJ Lil Jon were friends of LD’s from NY and were brought in around 2005. Both were excited to help, however were only able to produce just a couple of shows.¬†About late 2005, LD & John only were able to get together every once in awhile so the LD & John show went on hiatus for awhile.

Around the same time, LD spun off a new feel to Get Smashed Radio with a additional “tag line” to our name. Welcome to “The New Hot 108 X on Get Smashed Radio”.¬†With the new feel to Get Smashed Radio as Hot 108 X, LD finally brought TOP 40 CHR to the network. Hot 108 X was branded “Today’s Hit Music, The New Hot 108 X”.¬†Hot 108 X was the 24/7 stream on Get Smashed Radio. Occassionally, LD would get a mix in on a weekend. Get Smashed Radio remained branded Hot 108 X fully until 2006.

May 2006, brought new changes to Get Smashed Radio. The network was relocated to South Bend, Indiana. LD moved the station and again expanded the station. The LD & John show was brought out of hiatus and was again a weekly LIVE broadcast. The music format remained Top 40 CHR and LD got a little help from a fan from the UK, DJ Chris G. Chris helped us re brand the network again.

LIVE! Online & Onair, the Nets Best Variety, the new Hot 108 X. That was our tagline, and we added 2 new websites to make it easier to find. Along with the original gsrbnetwork.com, we added hot108x.com & getsmashedradio.com (which is now our website address).

Also, by this time, DJ Jeff B was on air with the network with The DJ Jeff B Experience. Weekly hi-NRG show broadcast on Fridays. The remainder of 2006 LD, John, Jeff and Chris worked hard on keeping Get Smashed Radio broadcasting with a variety of shows.

October brought a slight change to Get Smashed Radio. Jeff B had left & LD decided that “Hot 108 X” for slowly start going back to the original Get Smashed Radio branding only & a more UK feel was brought into the network. Also, LD started doing a Top 40 Countdown. The countdown show would spotlight Top 40 charts from the UK.

Winter 2006/2007, Chris G was given Hot 108 X as a gift from LD. Get Smashed Radio said goodbye to Chris as he took Hot 108 X to a more Hip Hop / R&B feel. LD also started his Europe Tour during this period.

Winter 2007 also saw the addition of new broadcasting software & an official listing on iTunes Radio. Our listener base was averaging around 100 max listeners every hour of the day. Broadcasting a live 24/7 stream with LD hosting during afternoon drive time, things were going great for Get Smashed Radio.

LD brought on fellow broadcaster Mike Scott to help. Mike did a Weekly Top 10 show for Get Smashed Radio. LD was also incorporating more EDM music into the rotation. Recording live shows from his nightclub gigs and rebroadcasting them on the air on the weekends. This became a huge hit.

Around this time, the Federal Government imposed new royality laws regarding internet radio. As part of the story, LD & Get Smashed Radio were featured on a TV story about the changes and how it would affect the small broadcasters.

Get Smashed Radio continued to broadcast through 2009, even though LD was back and forth from Europe. The winter of 2009/2010 saw Get Smashed Radio go from a 24/7 network back to a pre-recorded show network. By the end of January 2010, Get Smashed Radio signed off.

So January 2010 ended the run of Get Smashed Radio for at least 3 years.

2013 – 2015

August 2013, EEDA Radio One was launched. It is owned and operated by LD Rizzo & Kasisi Harris.

EEDA Radio One launched to a UK Top 40 format, playing the top 40 tracks from the UK, US and Europe. During the launch, even though it was a more top 40 feel, there was an strong push on EDM music. LD decided to bring his Essential Europa Dance Anthems podcast to EEDA Radio One. Essential Europa Dance Anthems the show launched shortly after the network launched. The station ran 24/7 as a music only station until December 2013.

December 2013, on Sunday evenings, LD started hosting the UK Top 40 Chart Show, counting down the top 40 tracks from the UK. Then in January 2014, LD started doing the US Top 40 Countdown show on Monday nights and added New Music Sundays to his Sunday rotation with the Chart Show.

Also in January 2014, LD launched the EEDA Radio One 80’s & 90’s Breakfast Show. Running LIVE, Monday – Friday from 6am – 10am, he played all the 80’s and 90’s you could stand, while LIVE on studio cam and taking your requests. LD brought back fellow broadcaster Mike Scott to do news for the morning show. The format continued running like this until May 21, 2014 when LD, Kasisi & EEDA Radio One made a move west. EEDA Radio One went off the air temporarily.

June 2014 saw the relaunch of EEDA Radio One with it’s new Logo & look. LD decided to relaunch Radio One with 1 week of alternative rock in honor of it’s new home in Seattle, Washington.¬†After the first week, the station became a 24/7 EDM only station. EEDA Radio One remained electronic dance music, continuing its 24/7 live stream. It also continued playing LD’s Essential Europa Dance Anthems on Friday & Saturday nights.

EEDA Radio One again rebranded itself with a new logo in October 2014 with the addition of presenters Jess7er, Mike V., Matty, & Rafe. It also launched many new shows to compliment Essential Europa Dance Anthems.

November 2014 saw the station upgrade its website with the addition of eedaradioone.com. In December 2014, LD made EEDA Radio 2. Also, made EEDA Radio Stations the parent company for the stations.

2015 – 2020

January & February 2015, LD relaunched Get Smashed Radio and changed EEDA Radio Stations to Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network.

June 2015, Get Smashed Radio launched their first micro-fm radio station in Seattle, broadcasting at 97.1fm.

July 2015, Get Smashed Radio became an Limited Liability Company. Get Smashed Radio Broadcast Network, LLC.

May 2017, Get Smashed Radio moved to Marysville, Washington and began broadcasting it’s micro-fm at 102.1.

Christian rejoined Get Smashed Radio in 2018.

January 2019, Get Smashed Radio 1 changed its format to Alternative Rock and changed its moniker to 102.1 The EDGE.

June 2020, Get Smashed Radio began talks to purchase KMZK 106.9 FM in Clifton, Colorado.

December 2020, Get Smashed Radio went under contract for the purchase of KMZK. License transfer applications were filed with the FCC.

December 31, 2020 (midnight) The EDGE changed format to an all 80’s station in preparation of the purchase of KMZK.

2021 – Present

January 2021 (midnight), Get Smashed launched KMZK – HD 2 “The Deuce” as it’s all 80’s station in preparation of the close of the purchase of KMZK 106.9 FM.

As of now (January 15, 2021), the purchase of KMZK is still awaiting FCC approval.

Current track